Concerts in Riga are DEFINITIVELY CANCELLED for the serious defaults of the promoter

By November 20, 2019 No Comments

The management of Alessandro Safina announces that the concert in Riga of 19 November has been cancelled for serious defaults by the promoter related to the delay in the availability of the concert hall, requested in the rider from 10 am and instead made available only at 14, late in the presence of the orchestra, moreover in an incomplete number of musicians and the non-payment provided by contract already on 30 October.
The artist has no responsibility and is very sorry for the situation and the inconvenience created to the public hoping to meet again soon for new and future concert in this beautiful city and with the necessary conditions for the best the artistic result.

We inform that the concerts of Alessandro Safina in Riga November 19 and Tallin November 22 are DEFINITIVELY CANCELLED for the serious defaults of the promoter.
Alessandro, however, hopes to return to the public of these cities soon with a new promoter and a new organization able to guarantee in a serious and professional way the realization of the concerts in compliance with the technical conditions and necessary artistic ones.
We’ll keep you updated as soon as we’ve finalized the new dates!